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Theory of Motion Creates Emotion

The most Frequently Asked Question is --- How do you laugh when you're in no mood to laugh or when you don't have any reason to Laugh? The answer is simple...

There is a well-established link between the Body and the Mind. Whatever happens to the Mind happens to the Body as well. If you observe sad and depressed people, their bodies are also depressed. They walk slowly, talk slowly and their body functions are slow and sluggish.

The opposite is also true; whatever happens to the Body also happens to the Mind. I remember my father once told me: ‘If you’re sad, don't sit idle. Keep doing some physical work or go for a walk and jog, you will feel better’. And he was right; I have always felt better by keeping my body active.

Even when unhappy, behaving or acting happy will bring the mind to a state of happiness. Bring laughter to your Body and your Mind will soon follow.

Laughter Yoga uses the two-way Body-Mind link to change the state of the Mind through voluntary physical gestures including Repetitive Clapping, Chanting, and specific Body Movements, together with Laughter and Breathing Exercises.

This effect is so powerful that we have seen Laughter Yoga overcome severe depression in thousands of people the world over. In fact, there is a saying in the Laughter Clubs: ‘If you can't Laugh, bring your body to the Laughter Club!’

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